phone and electronics store displays
supermarket/wine/cigarette/cosmetic store displays
New and customized displays
original factory design
$960.00 - $1,240.00/Piece
1.0 Pieces(Min. Order)
$660.00 - $740.00/Piece
1.0 Pieces(Min. Order)
$330.00 - $540.00/Piece
1.0 Pieces(Min. Order)
$560.00 - $640.00/Piece
1.0 Pieces(Min. Order)
$180.00 - $330.00/Piece
1.0 Pieces(Min. Order)
$480.00 - $530.00/Piece
1.0 Pieces(Min. Order)
The anufacturer with wood and metal cutting, mould tooling , engraving and painting department . service for Apple , Huawei , Samsung , Oppo , Vivo , Xiaomi PHONE store etc. , and offer cargo shelf to Wal-Mart and thousands of catena Pharmacy store etc. Zhongshan Mingyi display products Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer who with integrating R & D, design, production and sales service. From 2005 on , in the 15 years of development, the company provides customers with traditional store display products, and at the same time, it will launch a series of new and high-tech intelligent display kits according to customer requirements.

The company's current site area is 7000 square meters, of which 3000 square meters are production workshops, 2500 square meters are warehouses, and 1500 square meters are office areas. The company has a strong design and production capacity. At present, it has a design team of 6 people and a professional production team of 67 people. At the same time, the company also has 9 business service teams with excellent professional skills, which are composed of 4 department heads through us The products and services provided by Mingyi company, as well as the evaluation to customers at home and abroad, have always been "the name accords with its meaning". We have been taking the service of "showing its name and reaching his conception" as the purpose, and designed and produced satisfactory display products for customers.

In the future, Mingyi will continue to adhere to the business philosophy of "professional, open, integration and win-win", deeply explore the application market of display products, and on this basis, accelerate the pace of integration and innovation of various supporting products and market expansion, form a layout from tradition to innovation, provide good services, expand the market, strengthen enterprises, and promote the integration of enterprises and partners long-term and mutually beneficial development...
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